Physios 2 u in stourbridge west midlands

Conditions We Treat
Below is a list of conditions we treat:

Physios2uBack Pain
Physios2uNeck Pain
Physios2uCorporate Physiotherapy
Physios2uShoulder / Arm Pain
Physios2uElbow Forearm Pain
Physios2uHand / Wrist Pain
Physios2uHip Pain / post Hip Replacement
Physios2uLeg Pain
Physios2uKnee Pain
Physios2uFoot / Ankle Pain
Physios2uPost Fractures
Physios2uPost Knee Replacements
Physios2uBalance / Falls Risks
Physios2uSports & Muscle Injuries
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About Us

Hi, my name is Matthew Timmins; qualified HCPC registered Bsc Hons Physiotherapist, MCSP, and the owner of Physios2u.

There are over 200 different musculoskeletal injuries known today, and they are one of the highest types of injury in the world. The fact that these numbers are increasing each year, it is obvious that physiotherapy can be doing a lot more to prevent these injuries increasing in the future.

Therefore, I decided to set up a musculoskeletal physiotherapy service with the aim of making physiotherapy easier to access to people of all ages. So one of the major benefits Physios2u offers is the ability to treat patients in the comfort of their own home. What better way in making physiotherapy more accessible by bringing physiotherapy to you!

The fact that we can see patients in their own home, provides us with better opportunities to make treatments and rehabilitation programmes even more individualised to their lifestyles.

In addition to this, our hours of working are very flexible to meet our patients’ needs; therefore you do not need to worry about working around us.

I am a strong believer in that once a patient has had physiotherapy treatment; they should have the opportunity to remain as part of our physiotherapy family. Therefore they should feel that they can receive personal advice regarding anything health related, with just a phone call away!

Likewise, our Facebook and Twitter accounts are constantly being updated with physio tips and advice. This also provides another way for patients to contact us with any queries, and opportunities for feedback.

Lastly, we at Physios2u thrive on patient feedback. Whether it is positive or constructive, we take each individual feedback into account to ensure our service is consistently being delivered at the highest quality of care. Therefore we will always ensure that your individual needs come first!

Healthy Regards,
Matthew Timmins Bsc Hons. MCSP

HCPC registered
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  Treatment at home
We can provide physiotherapy treatment in the comfort of your own home throughout the west midlands.
  Manual Therapy
Our physiotherapists are expert at treating problems affecting the bones and joints. Let us ease your pain today!
  Rehab programmes
We can make your recovery fast and effective. We can also help you prevent injuries from reoccurring.